Comic Art


Modern Comic Art first reached the masses through newspapers. Early comic strips, which used human and animal characters to tell stories and deliver satire and social commentary, featured the use of speech balloons and caricature.

Many classic strips are still published today. Harold Gray’s Little Orphan Annie and Chic Young’s Blondie have entertained generations of readers, and the characters featured in Charles Schulz’s Peanuts are recognized and beloved around the world.

Since the advent of comic books— especially those of publishing giants Marvel and DC—which gave birth to iconic superheroes like Spider-Man, Superman and Batman, generations of Americans have grown up with comic art as their inspiration and mythology. Over the past century, artists have experimented with narrative, format and content, producing works that have run the gamut from earnest religious directives to searing social and political commentary. The graphic novel format, popularized by pioneer Will Eisner beginning in the 1970s, has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years, providing a range of content for every kind of reader.

Comic Art has stepped from the fringes of pop culture to take its place as one of the great American art forms.

Comics Buyer is actively seeking original works by these artists and illustrators:

Al Capp, John Cassaday, Carl Critchlow, Robert Crumb, Jim Davis, Jules Feiffer, Al Feldstein, Bud Fisher, Harold Foster, Harold Gray, George Herriman, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, Carmine Infantino, Walt Kelly, David Levine, George McManus, Mike Mignola, Frank Miller, Charles Schultz, Edward Sorel, Gahan Wilson, Basil Wolverton.

Comics Buyer is also seeking to purchase the works of Mad Magazine illustrators including Al Jaffee, Sergio Aragones, Don Martin and others.

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